Frequently Asked Questions

CuEngine Turkey is a revolutionary 3D Sales Platform for Real Estate selling integrating Developers and Agents globally.

CuEngine Turkey is a B2B platform and our intention is to connect best developers with best agents to achieve the best results for the Real Estate sales ecosystem.

We tie-ups with Developers exclusively from different countries and create 3D Content with bespoke visualization to list the properties on CuEngine Turkey.

We connect agents on our platform with the listed properties and give them access to properties for the purpose of selling.

CuEngine Turkey is not any other just real estate listing portal but cater a complete sales cycle for the Real Estate and includes

  • Interactive 3D Content for the listed properties with video game like features
  • Live Pricing and Live availability of property on the Platform
  • Online Reservation of Properties through the Platform
  • Remote selling features including Sales Support and 3D Visualization for the agents
  • Cross Platform application

Most of the other real estate portals only list properties and lack the features available on CuEngine Turkey application.

Exclusive contracts with the developers ensure rights and safety of our agents.

No, CuEngine Turkey is not a listing portal. We sign exclusive contracts with developers and then list the properties on CuEngine Turkey.

You cannot list your properties on CuEngine Turkey to sell. If any of your developer wants his properties to list on CuEngine Turkey, please ask them to contact us at

CuEngine Turkey intention as already mentioned is to connect best real estate developers with the best agents and thus we are hand-picking our agents to enroll on the system.

It’s an invite only program and our Agent Managers will call you to invite on the platform and help you in joining CuEngine Turkey.

If you have not received call from our Agent Manager and you are interested to join our platform, shoot us an e-mail at with your Name, Company Name, Phone No. and E-Mail address.

To ensure that our agents can work without any burden, our application is accessible by our agents at no cost. We don’t charge any fees for our platform neither we don’t charge any subscription fee. We are committed to our agents and we want our agents to be committed to CuEngine Turkey.

Once you enrolled on CuEngine Turkey Platform, we will assign you an Account Manager who will look after you with all your queries regarding CuEngine Turkey application, Projects, Selling, Commission etc. You can ask any questions/queries to your Account Manager and he/she will help you with all the queries and will surely make it easy for you to sell properties to your client using CuEngine Turkey platform.

Yes, we are well aware that you need help for using CuEngine Turkey application to make it more effective for youYes, we are well aware that you need help for using CuEngine Turkey application to make it more effective for you.

We have videos tutorials for you with the help of which you can understand all the features of CuEngine Turkey. Use the link below to access tutorials for using CuEngine Turkey.

If you need more in-depth learning about CuEngine Turkey, you can ask your Account Manager to schedule a training session with our technical team and our technical team will be happy to assist you in understand more about CuEngine Turkey Application.

We are very concerned about our agents and their commission. Once you enrolled on the system, your Account Manager will send you a contract for using the system.

Once you signed the contract with the system, with each and every project, we will send you a terms and conditions which includes the commission/fees you can earn by selling properties through the system.

For each jurisdiction, our Partner will send you the contract and you will sign the contract with our partner.

Once the contract is signed with our partners, you can sell properties listed on the platform freely and earn more and more commission through selling properties listed on our platform.

Everything will be mentioned in the contract you signed with our Partner.

We understand your concern very much and through your account on the platform you can also invite your employees, colleagues and your friends to join the platform.

It is very easy to sell properties to your client through CuEngine Turkey. With the live pricing and live availability, you can show your clients the apartments available, views from the apartment, location of the project, major landmarks etc. to help them understand much about the project.

You just have to reserve the apartment for your client using his basic information. Once you reserve, our partner will check the documents as well as reservation fee receipt and then reserve the property on behalf of the client.

Your client then finalize the deal with the different payment options in next 30 days of the reservation of the apartment.

We understand your concern and to make this easy, we made sure that once the client details and reservation fee receipt is been authorized by our partner, the apartment will be reserved for the next 30 days for your client. Nobody else can reserve the apartment and your client can complete the payment as well as documentation with the help of our partner and buy the selected apartment within 30 days of reservation.

We understand this concern and our partners are always welcoming to your clients. We request you to contact your Account Manager with the dates and visit of your clients so that we can ensure that we can arrange all the facilities to help your client visiting the property.

To ensure that client can get the apartment he wants to buy, we request you to reserve it online before the visit of the client so that the client can buy the apartment he is really interested in.

Reservation using our platform is very easy and you can check our tutorial videos to understand the reservation process. At any time, you can ask your Account Manager for a training session with technical team.

We request you to approach your Account Manager in case of any doubts so that we can help you out as soon as possible.

As already mentioned, our intention is to connect best developers with the best agents. To ensure that your account will not be suspended, we request you to use the application on regular basis so that we can ensure that you are using the application for the purpose of selling.

In case you believe that you are using the application but still your account is suspended, please contact us at

We will send you information over e-mail about all the new projects listed on the platform. As we want the best agents for our developers, to get the access of all the projects we request you to show activity on the platform for the existing projects so that we can be assure that you are willing to use CuEngine Turkey for the purpose of selling and earning more income.

We are always available to understand all your questions and help you to find answers for the same. We request you to contact your assigned Account Manager or you can reach us at