“This technology is powerful, and we believe in a short time all sales
transactions will use this technique.”

Merve Onarli, Marketing Director


Provide Wow

  • Take floor plans to the next level
  • Powerfully convey more and better information through remarkable experiences
  • Engage customers and let them explore your project fully

Effortlessly Reserve

  • Add properties to customers’ cart from Interactive 3D or Floor Plans
  • See a list of all the properties in the cart for different customers
  • Reserve the properties from your device

High Return On

  • Sell more, earlier & faster (launch projects earlier with higher sales velocity)
  • Increase sales price realisation
  • Only a low upfront marginal cost

With CuEngine Turkey You Can…

Have One Solution

  • Leverage content across multiple platforms & channels
  • Easily distribute content worldwide
  • Native Apps for Mobiles, Tablets, Touch Screens, Touch
    Tables, Mac & PC

Log In & Save Your Projects

  • Log in to the system by using the login details that was used to sign up to the platform
  • Explore and download the projects you are interested in selling
  • Open your saved projects to find out more information and access the 3D sales component

Explore The Area

  • Quickly see nearby infrastructure by choosing various criteria:







  • See nearby landmarks & commute times
  • Customers can get to know the environment easily by rotating and zooming in/out

Explore Elevations

  • Bird's-eye view of the project in its urban surroundings.
  • Customers can truly understand the environment by rotating and zooming in and out
  • Transport & distribute virtual models anywhere in the world

Search & Select Using Filter Option

  • Easily find the best property by choosing various criteria:


    Price Range


    Number of Rooms

  • The software will highlight specific units matching the chosen criteria with coloured 3D volumes
  • Touching a highlighted unit cuts the building to the selected floor & reveals information of the corresponding unit
  • The user can go and explore any apartment in 3D

Explore Layouts

  • Customers can understand a layout by using easy control system as if they are in a video game
  • Showcase multiple virtual show homes
  • Transport & distribute virtual show homes anywhere in the world

See The Actual Views

  • Bring your project to life with the actual views
  • Impress & engage your customers
  • Presents customer-oriented solutions

Add To Cart & Reserve Properties

  • Add properties to customers’ cart from Interactive 3D section
  • See a list of all the properties in the cart, reserved for different customers
  • Reserve the properties from your device

Real Estate Developers

  • Global Agent Network
  • 3D Interactive Solutions
  • Remote Selling Features
  • On-Site Sales Office Management

Real Estate Agents

  • Access to 3D Sales System to sell properties remotely
  • Access to Live Pricing and Live Availability in the Project
  • Legal Assistance for your buyers to buy properties and application for Citizenship
  • Builds bridges with clients on behalf of international agents

CuEngine Turkey is providing 360 Sales Support in Real Estate with its cutting-edge technology, professional sales team and combined experience of 30+ years in Real Estate across the Globe through its parent companies.

With CuEngine Turkey, we have developed a holistic ecosystem for Real Estate sales to make the process easy, efficient and effective for Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Agents and Clients with the purpose of increasing ROI (Return on Investment) for Real Estate Developers and Real Estate Agents and satisfying the needs of the clients for buying their Dream Homes in Turkey.

Avrupa Konutları Yamanevler is the first residential project of Avrupa Konutları on the Asian Side of Istanbul. Planned to offer privileged life to its resident with its Phase-1 with 545 units.Yamanevler is candidate to be the most special project of Ümraniye by bringing many qualities to its potential residents.

Kameroglu Group of Companies started its commercial life in 1970 with Ekol Brand, in the wholesale gold and diamond sector.Kameroglu, who has succeeded to be one of the most reliable names in the closed market area, started to operate in construction and real estate sector under the name “Kameroglu”

In terms of luxury, style and elegance, Acarblu- Acarkent project is the number one choice of many celebrities, athletes and businessmen as place of residence. Additionally, Acarkent has been the unique name and the top project for top agents and for investors who prefer finer things in life like lavish condos and posh penthouses.

Another prestigious project by Acarlar Group, AcarVadi is presenting its spacious units. At the heart of Acarkent and nature, surrounded by parks, it is a getaway, away from chaotic city life.

Cubedots’ interactive technology has been used by

Avijit Bhaya

Before founding CubeDots,he has gained experience at the fields such as Real Time Image Creation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and R&D.

Meanwhile Avijit acquired a set of noteworthy skills in areas such as HR Management,Talent Development and Business Development and many more.

His experiences and skills encouraged him to be a focused and determined leader.

He has a special interest for latest technological developments in real estate sector. Moreover, he believes that new age technologies are significant evolutionary stages that impact branding, sales and marketing of the real estates.

Avijit is an adventuresome person too as he climbed 6000 meter peaks of the Himalaya Mountains and crossed challenging lands of India with a bike on his own.

Adil Yaman

Adil has over 15 years of experience at fields of real estate sales, marketing and project management.

He is an Industrial Engineer and holds a MBA degree.

He has helped sell over 5000 properties in Istanbul with the help of the sales teams he administered.

Thanks to his academic success and experiences within the field, he is a sought-after businessman handling customized investment services. With his ideas on sale, he has attained a highly notable position in real estate sector over the years.

He trained many advisors for Turkish real estate market. He is a member of Foreign Economic Relations Board – Kuwait Executive Council.

He is keen on dreaming, designing and generated solutions to transform the sector by putting his sales experience and industrial techniques together.

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